Shamiz Kachwalla (2019 Speaker)

Shamiz Kachwalla, Certified Wholistic Health & Natural Healing Counsellor from the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy

Shamiz has had first hand experience on how to overcome disease through a plant based diet. He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a common digestive disorder, in May 2012 and spent 6 weeks in hospital in Japan. He discovered that a plant based diet plays a vital role in the recovery of such a disease. After being on a plant based diet and overcoming Ulcerative Colitis, Shamiz has been healthy and fit for over 6 years now.

His aim is to make people aware of how a plant based diet can cure disease, and is very passionate about spreading the message about how to stay healthy and fit.

Session: Friday
Topic: Social media – practical tips for sharing your content

Shukul and Shamiz have been running High Carb Health which involves a lot of internet appointments. In order for a modern business to succeed having a good knowledge of social media marketing is super important. Learn from those who are making a business work on how to market yourself in the era of Facebook and twitter.

Session: Saturday
Topic: Online health focusing on bowel disease

Shukul and Shamiz run a health consultancy which focuses on helping those with (in particular) bowel related disease, like inflammatory bowel disease. They examine what has made their business work and successful. They will also discuss some practical tips for working with clients online.