Brad Dixon

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPhty), Cert. Sports Med, Cert. Psychology & Counselling, Owner EVERFIT health

Brad graduated from Otago University in 1997 and started his physiotherapy career working through the various specialties at Whanganui hospital. He has worked in private practice whilst completing a certificate in Sports Medicine, and a qualification in Psychology and Counselling.

Brad then bought his current business, EVERFIT, in 2016, re-branding to encompass his mission:

Building impactful relationships to understand the client’s context/background, then empowering the client with holistic daily habits to move them towards true wellness.

Brad discusses a plant based diet with all of his clients as it is an important pillar of true wellness. Brad has competed at an international level for his age group in triathlon, enjoys marathon and trail running. He enjoys coaching endurance athletes, writing wellness articles, and taking exercise classes.

Brad’s interest in a whole food plant based diet started when his uncle was diagnosed with bowel cancer and he learned more about the relationship of animal products with disease. He started transitioning in 2014 and has moved along the spectrum to a vegan lifestyle firstly for performance and health, then having his mind opened to the inefficiency, and negative environmental impacts of having animals as a major part of our food system.

Session details: Saturday
Topic: Plant based eating and wellness as part of a physiotherapy practice

Brad is nothing if not passionate about the plant-based diet for his patients. Brad gives his story, empowering habits (with an emphasis on the plant based eating) along with what information works best.